Ernie Christopher (Chris) Emmanuel is a successful artist/poet/writer/speaker. He is the author of four books in the self-development and inspirational genre. Chris has appeared on TV in Washington, DC. Minnesota, Belize and Toronto, Canada, for his Art and Poetry.
Chris was born into a family of ministers in Grenada, W.I.  As a young boy his passion for Art and Spirit poured through his paintings and writing.

His Family immigrated to Canada when he was eleven years old. His Father who later became head of the Theosophical Society in Toronto, Canada had an extensive library of books regarding psychology, mysticism, science, theology and beliefs. Chris spent countless hours studying spiritual doctrines from all over the world.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister combined with lived personal experience, Chris has developed a unique and personal way to help others handle the challenges of daily life.

Today he shares his experience in workshops and lectures to inspire and awaken individuals to their inner Divinity. His message is that when you connect to this one infinite presence within – you begin to witness the undercurrent Divine Harmony living through you.  Chris lives what he teaches.

“Somehow at an early age, I knew there was more to life than just working to acquire material possessions.”
-E.C. Emmanuel

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