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Art Galleries

Drawings and Painting that inspire connection to the Greatness that we are

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Get Inspired

Get Inspire and sustain your spiritual connection with books that resonate with your soul

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Invite Chris to speak in his unique way

Invite Chris to speak in his unique way

Get a taste of the wonderful work Chris does to make a difference in the world.

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Special Packages:

Featuring a Mural, Inspirational Talk and Open House

Invite Chris to work on a special theme for your keynote speech

Works well with: University students to inspire them to develop good skills for successful living

Church Leadership Council to deepen unity and faith

Corporate Workshops with employees or executives to strengthen working relationships and increase productivity

Retreat Guest Speaker for Spiritual inspiration and Athenticity


Mural of "Interconnected, and we are seeking harmony" at entrance lobby of Wigley Administration Building, Minnesota State University Mankato MN 24 feet wide x 6 feet high


Students Participated in the painting of the Mural. Chris set up a paint by number system and invited the students to enjoy the process of creation. Chris then spoke about the inspiration behind the mural and connected the students to the meaning of inter connectivity.

scc_mural Mural "Building Successful Platforms" in the student Lounge at South Central College, Mankato MN Mural "Journey to Success" in the entrance way at South Central College, Fairbault MN


Mural Portals "Travelling through our world" in the Tunnel of Bridges Community Elementary School, Mankato, MN


Mural Project 2014 "Thrive Energy" Located in the gym at South Central College Mankato, MN


Project 2014 City On The Go “Changing Nation” is a Traffic box design inspired by the river, people and the colors deeply connected to Mankato. Find out more