Truth Trumps Reality

sesawTruth Trumps Reality
Choosing  a New Balance

November 9, 2016 | Tags:

In the challenging times ahead, may we each reach toward the connections that will help us find and keep our balance, remembering our belonging in one another and our place on the vast sacred ground of all Being.

There is always things we don’t like in our lives. I have lived many times being the not liked in the room. Many times in my relationships with partners from other cultures I have felt like the odd duck in the family as they prat away in their native tongue ignoring me as I sit doe eyed trying to follow the conversation. Many people do not like Trump. What he shows is the human part we keep hidden. The child  in the back room that we don’t allow the neighbors kids to play with. Today the boy is out and roaming free and we have to face him.

Transformation happens only when we have the courage the look the truth square in the face and say. I see you! I want to let you breathe, I acknowledge you, even though I don’t like you I need you. You are a part of me. When we acknowledge the shadow of our society we have a chance to transmute it.

Trumps behavior exist in all of us? It is so easy to judge certain behaviors, especially ones we don’t like or understand. We all need to ask the following questions: What does this part of us all need? How can we help this fear feel safe? What is the purpose of this type of this Presidency?

Deep down we all know this is part of our human existence. Finding truth is to look deeper than what has been exposed. Finding the balance in what has occurred is to look beyond the fear and see it as it is. Something that needs our attention.

Today as we brush against a new era in the US Presidency may we all find that place of balance between the positive and negative in the days ahead.

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