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The other day I had to change a lock on my door. A simple deadbolt  you can get at most hardware stores. I found the right tools and got the old lock off easy. As I attempted to put the new lock on, it just would not fit, even though it was the same size. My frustration mounted after forty five minutes later. I had not fit one screw into the chamber to connect the lock assembly.

Panic began to set in as time wore on, thoughts of my uncompleted other work loomed in my mind. Still, I continued to force the screw. Despondent, I slumped back on my knees and contemplated my situation. As my thoughts rambled on I thought of Donald Trump.

The media had painted a picture filled with fear. I have no real idea about Trump and what his presidency is all about. The bits and bytes I received from the news left little for me to gauge. Change is always troublesome. Like the new lock I am trying to fit in. It seems we all have a hard time with change no matter what it is. Change brings fears to the surface especially when it comes to power. Who knows what is really going on?

I left the thought behind and got back to the lock changing. Only this time I slowed down and took time to study the new lock, glance over the instructions learn a new way to put it all together. Finally I got a screw driver that fit the screws much better. A few minutes later the lock was on.

When we take time to lose our fear about what might happen and take time to become aware of what we are really dealing with we have the opportunity to see new ways to view old situations that we felt was a problem before.

Like the late Dr. Wayne Dyer says: When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.

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