Make The Best of Times Whatever time it is

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Dear Friends,

As winter rolls its blanket over parts of the earth, this time of year can be very hard for many of us.
The season combined with Christmas expectations bring sadness to many. We feel a natural urge to
cocoon and reflect on what it all means. We face all the plans that crumbled under the weight of time,
what we lost, what we will carry forward.

With the recent passing of my young brother in law, I am reminded to make the best of times
whatever time it is. I share with you a quote in the hope that it will bring strength to your spirit and
inspire you as you enter into this next phase of your life.

When you are inspired by some great
purpose, some extraordinary project,
all your thoughts break their bonds;
Your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction,
and you find yourself in a new, great
and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents
become alive and you discover yourself
to be a greater person by far
than you ever dreamed
yourself to be.


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