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“As we hold each other in love, we hold the entire earth in love. We are the earth angels”. ­K. B. Lamoureux

There is a divine harmony to all existence. When we can connect to this oneness we find our true self. This greater self is filled with all we seek-abundance, love, joy, peace and bliss. Know thyself.

Living Divine Harmony brings to you important principles from various religious and spiritual doctrines. Begin your day with one of these 31 day teachings. They offer a compelling message to clear feelings of separation, offering you positive insight connecting you with your divine essence. The guidance generated from viewing the art along with the poetic messages can keep you centered and ignite the peaceful nature within you.

As a trauma survivor, Chris devotes his writing, art and teachings to awaken individuals to live a balanced life, which can lead to more peace and harmony in relationships. Chris says: ‘’ I pursued soul balance- a way to live Divine harmony.

This book is the result of how I achieved some measure of this balance. I am happy to be a miner of inner jewels that I can lay before you’’. As you ponder what these pictures and words reflect in you, regard them as a call to heal your love and evolve your awareness of the light that IS you.

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Keys To Inner Wisdom For Conscious Living. In this book, Christopher Emmanuel shares uncommon knowledge that can lead you away from difficulties back to your secret center. This book provides guidelines to connect to your inner source of wisdom, allowing you to live a life of happiness, success and radiant health.
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Christopher Emmanuel offers a common-sense, hands-on approach to take control of your mind. Through the techniques outlined in this book, I’m confident you can find peace and harmony with your mind. I did!
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Do you know how you feel about love in your life? In this thought provoking work, “TRUE LOVE” Christopher Emmanuel share six compelling techniques to assist you in discovering how you love. By applying these points you well create powerful changes in how you love yourself and others. This book can open awareness to enrich your daily life with love.

Written and Illustrated by Christopher Emmanuel, available in paperback.
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“ETERNAL JOURNEY” Christopher Emmanuel’s first published book is a delightful read. A spiritual awakening written in poetry. Join the Author in the discovery of the eternal energy, which he believes governs all creativity and life itself.

Written and Illustrated by Christopher Emmanuel, available in paperback.
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